Established in 2015, the Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad is dedicated to creating an environment that enables students and faculty to engage in the pursuit of knowledge, to dream, think and innovate thereby becoming a change agent for a better world. Beginning with a humble student strength of 120 way back in July 2015, IIT Palakkad has now groomed itself into an establishment which is 1000 students strong with the best of manpower in its key positions. IIT Palakkad targets to become a multi-disciplinary institution with a population of 5000 students in 10 years. IIT Palakkad recognizes collective growth, in collaboration with industry and other academic institutions, as the need of the time and emphasizes blue-sky research and directed research as two essential pillars of technology development. IIT Palakkad embraces a vision to be a leader in cross-disciplinary inquiries which is embodied in the tagline of the institute “Nurturing minds for a better world”.

Celebrated as a major granary of Kerala, Palakkad is the gateway to the State from the North in the form of the nearly 40-kilometre break in the Western Ghats, called the Palakkad Gap. The place  is known for its rich traditions, great historical events and personalities connected with it, and its sylvan surroundings, especially the Silent Valley rain forests and the famed palmyra trees. We currently operate from two campuses: the temporary campus, in the premises of the Ahalia Integrated campus, Kozhippara, and a transit campus nestled in a corner of the permanent campus in Kanjikode. The academic space named Samgatha and the laboratory complex named Manogatha have been functional since 2019. The students are accommodated in the three newly built hostels - Bageshri, Brindavani and Tilang. Our campus has excellent infrastructure in place, which comprises an auditorium, multimedia-enabled small and large classrooms, student laboratories, library, canteen, and fully Wi-Fi-enabled hostels with mobility in Internet access. Our permanent campus is fast coming up on a picturesque 500-acre plot at the foot of  the Western Ghats and is situated within a few kilometres from the Palakkad Railway Junction and about 60 kilometres from the Coimbatore International Airport. With our excellent faculty, students who excel both in academics and in extra-curricular activities, dedicated staff members and state-of-the-art research facilities, IIT Palakkad has emerged out of its infancy and entered an exciting chapter of its life.

Published on Thursday 19 January 2023 06:21:04 PM IST

Update on Action taken on Representation by candidate and Interview date for Registrar recruitment. Advt. No.: IITPKD/R/NF/02/2022 dated 24 May, 2022. For more details click the link give below

Updates on Advt. No.: IITPKD/R/NF/02/2022 Dated 24 May, 2022


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Updates on Advt. No.: IITPKD/R/NF/02/2022 Dated 24 May, 2022

Published on   Wed Dec 21 07:15:28 IST 2022

Notification No. IITPKD/R/NF/03/2022 Dated 21 Dec 2022


Published on Mon May 24, 2022

Application for the posts of Registrar and Assistant Registrars - Notification

IITPKD/R/NF/02/2022 dated: 24 May, 2022

Kindly note that the notification has been modified for the post of Assistant Registrar on May 27, 2022.

Published on Mon May 16, 2022 19:38:19

Result of Registrar (on Deputation) -Advt. No.:IITPKD/R/NF/01/2022 Dated  Feb 2, 2022

No candidates have been selected for the position

Published on Tue Apr 26 19:04:29

List of shortlisted candidates for the post of Registrar (on Deputation)

Published on Mon Mar 14 12:01:04 IST 2022

The result of all the posts notified against Advt. No. IITPKD/R/NF/01/2021 Dtd 03-02-2021 and Advt. No. IITPKD/R/NF/01/2020 Dtd 15-04-2020

The selected candidates are being informed through mail and speed post.

Published on Thu Feb  2 15:33:06 IST 2022

Application for the post of Registrar on deputation - Notification

Application portal opens on 4 February, 2022 at 11.00 Hrs.

Deadline extended till 4th March, 2022 at 17.00 Hrs

Published on Fri Dec  3 21:50:24 IST 2021

Updates on Level 3 /skill test for all the posts: Advt. No. IITPKD/R/NF/01/2021 Dtd 03-02-2021 and Advt. No. IITPKD/R/NF/01/2020 Dtd 15-04-2020. For more details click the link give below

Updates on Level 3 /skill test for all the posts


Updates - Advt. No. IITPKD/RM/01/2021 Dated 02 June 2021