How do I login to the portal ?

Once you register, you will receive an email with all details. The e-mail is your username and it is suggested to use a strong password that you also don’t forget.

Which browsers work best for the portal ?

The portal is expected to work well on most browsers but you might sometimes face problems on some of the older versions of the browsers. For the best experience, please use recent versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

I am not able to navigate the portal. How do I know what documents are needed ?

The side-bar that you see is a progress bar and not a navigation bar. The submission process is therefore a sequential one. However, to enable a smooth process, details of documents to be uploaded can be found in the “How to Apply” page.

I am a permanent employee of IIT Palakkad. How should I apply ?

If you are a permanent staff at IIT Palakkad , then you have to choose “Yes” to the question "Are you a staff of IIT Palakkad? ". Kindly note that your application has to be processed through the proper channel. All other applicants may select “No”.

I have saved my application draft but forgot to submit the application before the portal closed. Will my application be considered ?

No, it is extremely important that you check the details of your application using the preview button and then click on “Submit” to complete the application process. No submissions will be made unless the applicant clicks the button and un-submitted/draft applications are not received or processed.

Can I edit my application multiple times ?

Yes, your application can be edited as many times as you want BEFORE you submit it. Once submitted, no editing is possible. Please take care to save the application as draft every time you make a change and preview the application carefully before submission.

How do I know if my application is correctly submitted ?

One clicking the “Submit” button, you will get a notification about your submission. You can see your application status in “My Submitted Applications” and on the “Current Openings”, the “Apply” button against the post you submitted the application for would change to “View”.

What is my application number and how can I get a copy of my application for future reference ?

Your application number appears in the top right corner of the PDF of the application. This application copy can be obtained by going to “My Submitted Applications”, clicking on the Preview and using the “Download PDF” option. You must use this number for any correspondence.

Can I apply for multiple posts with one single form ?

No, you would need to fill in different forms for different posts. All positions that are advertised for various posts can be seen on clicking the “Current Openings”. For further information, click on the post and you will be able to see “Eligibility Criteria” as well. However, when you fill-in any application, you would be asked if you are applying for multiple posts through the current recruitment portal. You need to select “Yes” and provide details.

A lot of information is common across the forms. Why should I take the effort to fill them again if I am applying for multiple posts ?

All data that are common, will be auto-filled into all application forms after the first one is filled. Nevertheless, the applicants are encouraged to cross-check that the information is also correct. It is also important that the applicant provides the details of all posts (other than the one on the current application) he is also applying for in the relevant column.

I work in a government organisation but do not have a NOC right now. What should I do ?

Before applying to the post, you should obtain the NOC from the competent authority and submit the soft copy in the portal while applying.

How do I upload multiple education certificates?.

Merge all the certificates as a single PDF file and upload.

I have paid the Application fee . But still the Payment Status is "Pending"?

The Application fee Payment Status will be updated shortly after the payment. Refresh the page after a while OR send an email to us with payment details.

How do I get information regarding Age relaxation?

Age-relaxation is admissible as per Govt of India norms.